In this episode, we spotlight the far-reaching effects of unemployment in developing nations. The struggles and challenges that gifted young Nigerians face with being gifted and educated but lacking opportunities are brought to the fore with our guests.
The world can be more inclusive! This episode is dedicated to celebrating the resilience and talents of people living with disabilities (PWDs). Popularly known by his stage name, the “Gold Fish”, Damilola Ogunsi sheds more light on albinism, and the highs and lows that he has faced in Nollywood. We also feature various stories of everyday people living with disabilities, their struggles, and their exploits.
Explore the unexpected parallels between a celebrated actor (Wole Ojo), a popular comedian (Senator Comedian), and the everyday man in this compelling episode. Hear their stories of resilience, triumph, and grind in the 21st century. This episode takes a closer look at the untold struggles of the modern man, shedding light on their highs and lows.
Today's episode is all about JAPA!!! (Nigerians fleeing the country). We talk about brain drain with a panel composed of: Dr. Bolane John, Dr. Olawale Ogunlana (@olawalesmd), and OAP Daisy Maak (Hot 93.3 Lagos) on the high JAPA rate of Nigerians due to the current state of the country. Then, Ladipo Lawani, CEO of L&L Foods (and Forbes 30 Under 30) gives us the story on how he started his company to fix a problem!

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